Design your own YORK System

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Design Your Own System

How to find what product you may need:

Tonnage- this is loosely based on the square footage of the conditioned spaced to find the estimated tonnage of ssytem you will need for your home you can follow this simple rule 500 square feet = 1 ton if you have a pre existing unit you can also look up the brand and model number to find the tonnage of the system you currently have.

unit location- this is based off of the current location of your indoor unit please remember that certain areas like attics and basements are more labor some to work in so labor rates do vary.

indoor air quality - depending on the age of your home and your current health conditions indoor air quality products will help improve your seasonal allergies as well as prevent harmful pollutants in the air from making their way through your home

Home automation- To insure aboslute saftey in you and your home we offer 3 main home automation systems at a highly discounted rated when installed with your HVAC system replacement. these bundles go as follows

BASIC: 2X nest indoor Cams, 2X nest outdoor cams, 2X nest carbon monoxide/smoke detectors, 1 nest hello video doorbell, 1 nest pro learning thermostat.

AVERAGE: Includes all products from basic package PLUS a Nest hub for added access across your home

ADVANCED: includes all products from basic and average packages PLUS 1 additional indoor cam and a nest smart sense deadbolt with keypad for your front door

Add a maintenance package: keep in mind that all warranties given with your hvac equipment are on good if the system is maintained 2 times a year our yearly whole home maintenance is $89 by bundling with your system replacement you can save up to $300

Efficiency: please choose whichever efficiency unit may best fit your needs if you work from home or are home all day everyday we do recommend our enconomical option to see the most electrical saving with the least additional cost to the customer

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